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Was Slain By BigGolem
Have you got a tutorial for your coloring/drawing style lying around someplace?

i do! here you go friend! its getting quite old now and ive changed the way i do things since then but i hope its at least a little helpful :>

Sirengenesis’ OC! probably one of the most colourful people ive ever drawn!

yeah wooo postin stuff

Is it okay if we use your art for the cover of a fanmix on 8tracks? With full credit to you, of course.

yep its okay! :> thank you for asking + giving credit!


After reading this post by KD, there are many things to be said. But what made me angriest is the fact that people apparently wrote Dave and told him he makes artists work for free for him. I get several asks along these lines about my fanart output every month, too. And it is just such a big misconception.

This is NOT how fandom and fanart works. If I draw fanart for something, it is because I genuinely enjoy it. Fanart is not bought, is not made as payment and not as some sort of token system to earn something back. I draw because I love to and want to tell the stories I get to experience in fandom and I am sure many of my fellow fanartists will agree with this.

Dave has been nothing but encouraging to his fans and especially his fanartists. He valued our work and engaged with us. The increase in fanwork for his character comes from this positive attitude. We want to engage in a fandom that has this kind of positive drive behind it. More people found out about this positive influence and wanted to join in. This is how positive engagement works.

Dave does not force us to draw. He does not lead us on. And if you think fanartists are doing these things for anyone than themselves or the people in the fandom to enjoy things with, you are so mistaken.

i finally sat down and finished a picture of kirindave and now hes changing his skin, bad timing! oh well! im looking forward to seeing his new one :D

You are so inspiring to me and your art is gorgous uwu if your still taking requests may i see a demon Will Strife (Like from superyogs) Or parv if thats more canon and ok vuv

ahh thank you so much! <3 i really dig his role in superyogs!

could i request nano and lalna having a campfire out in the woods? congrats on 1000 by the way! :D

she deserves the rest 

and thankyou!

I noticed you were takin. I guess requests?? Are they? Hm. Well. I I'm going to maybe. suggest if that's ok w you some NanoSmiffy?? It's my otp and it's a very dead ship (3 posts. 3 po st sts) and I just. love it because they accept each other for their flaws and I'd love to see some. Sorry if I'm abother and I'm wrong haha. <3 Love you art uwu

whaat only 3 posts? thats terrible friend! D: here!

Congrats on 1K followers! :D For the request, maybe something with Will and Parv? :>


hes resting