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Was Slain By BigGolem

she did warn you

a doodle i ended up working into!

ive been feeling pretty guilty about not having produced a proper finished picture in awhile, so i thought id put some of my attempts together..sorry guys! ill get something cool done one day :>

my mum got a pyrography pen and I thought I’d have a little go, so ofc had to draw alsmiffy… we only had heart shapes to work on ahahaaaa

What are your favorite yogships?

hmm i dont really have a fave ship! i mostly see all the yogs as bffs to be honest haha

flower power! glad i finally caught one of kirindaves streams! :>


Decided to combine two of my passions, Yogscast and Magic: the Gathering! Tried to make the cards feel like the characters as much as possible. All artists included on card.

fuckin’ smiffy


i think there’s a lot of pressure in the art community to kind of strive for your art to be detailed+realistic and all these other expectations based on some kind of ridiculous standard of what “good art” is, but like idk simple plain stuff can be amazing too, non-realistic stuff can be amazing too dont let anyone set your art standards but yourself tbh ignore everyone

felt like messing with the way i draw nano idk

twitter doodle ! love this outfit