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I had to vent. I couldn’t hold back. I CAN’T DO IT.

Can you domesticate kaiju? IDK maybe. Maybe not. Probably not cause they all have hive minds…

BUT WHAT IF there was a friendly neighborhood kaiju taken in by Blackrock’s Jaeger crew?

Also Parvill in the corner. If it wasn’t for the sake of humanity, Strife would never drift with Parvis if he didn’t have to.

ahh domesticated kaiju would be sweeet! :O if anyone could ‘tame’ a kaiju it would be zoey

yaaaay i finished something :>

A Midnight Stroll


Title: A Midnight Stroll

Parings: NONE

Rating: PG-13, Death and mild gore

Summary: After seeing monkeyscandance's Victorian Sir’s AU and beardburrito's comments about how he would like to see a Victorian Were!Ross, I present to you, Victorian Were!Ross.

A short tale about a specific full moon and a young girl who falls pray to a very hungry Were!Ross


Winter brought cold temperatures and gray fog to the city of London and, as the residents went about their business, collars were turned up and everyone wore gloves.

For a Miss Rebecca Batley, the turn of weather was refreshing.

The air, though cold, was much preferable to the hot humidity of the summer.  At least in the winter, the roaring fires in the bank she worked at did well in their job to keep out the chill that threatened to penetrate the marble halls where as there was little to do about the summer heat.

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What's your opinion on people sending you headcanons or stories about your Pacific Rim AU? Because it's so interesting already and there is so much potentional for it. If you already have set ideas for anything, I won't try to interfere with it. Again, cool idea and a fusion of two of my favourite things! :)

hmm! i am totally up for people coming up with their own headcanons and ideas, thats super cool! :D however im not so sure about sending them to me? i dont think ill be drawing much more for the au :( but i guess there could be a dedicated tag for it so its all in one place? :>




Blackrock Enforcer - Rhythian, Zoey

Monster Cockrel/Quartz Guardian - Alex, Ross, Trott

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takin a break


based off busy-matches pacific rim AU!!

I couldn’t help but draw something for it ;v;

i tried colouring this but it came out really weird

ill try again laterr


next set of redesigns!

Littlewood, Rythian, and Will